Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All 100 Days!

The 100 Day Project, hosted by The Great Discontent, is done! Well, it's an ongoing project and you can start at any time, but the official April 6 - July 14, 2015 period is now complete. The idea was to pick a theme and create one thing on that theme for 100 days in a row. I chose lettering as my theme and I'm proud (and super surprised) to say that I created a hand lettering piece and posted it to my instagram every single day for the past 100 days.

Every. single. day.
For 100 days.

They're all here: #100daysofletteringbyleiah

I've never had such an awesome track record with a creative project before! It's incredible, actually.


I never missed a day, I didn't get behind, I didn't get bored and quit. I did my lettering, usually in the evenings, every day and posted a picture. In the beginning of the project, I was super stoked and excited to do my lettering every day. As time went on, I became a lot less stoked but I did it anyway. Some days I knew exactly what I wanted to letter. Other days I sat watching TV for literally an hour or more, trying to think of something to letter.

Some days were a lot more successful than others. Some of the letterings I hate and almost wish I could take out of the project! But there are more that I love. I love the weird ones, with drippy and textured letters. I love the ones where I did a little illustration alongside the words. I love the ones where I drew myself!

These are my favorites:


What did I learn?

  1. Never underestimate the power of doing something small every day. Most days drawing these letters felt so small and insignificant and barely worth mentioning. But now at the end of 100 days they all add up and it's actually a pretty cool project to be proud of! 
  2. Done is better than perfect. This is a mantra I always try to remind myself. Even though I dislike a bunch of the letterings that I did, the GOOD ones overshadow the bad and it's a wash. Obviously this is a creative lesson I need to learn: make a LOT of stuff to outweigh all the shitty stuff you will inevitably come up with! You can't make a lot of good stuff if you don't make a lot of stuff, period.
  3. Connecting with community is encouraging. I started following a handful of other people participating in The 100 Day Project, and seeing their posts in my feed make me feel like I wasn't alone. That I didn't just dream up this crazy project on my own and was now forced to follow through by myself while everyone else ignored me.
  4. My strengths. I'm better at certain styles more than others. I'm better at wonky, funky, drippy letters. My super-perfect blog letters or scripts are bad and boring. It's fun to pick out my favorites from this group of 100 and be like, "woah, that's really awesome - I made that!"


Why did this challenge actually WORK for me when most of my long-term creative projects fail?

  1. Tiny tasks: the task I had to do every day was small. It could be as simple as scribbling my name, or as elaborate as a a super long quote and illustration. But knowing that it could be crap, that it could be tiny and small and stupid, was comforting to me. Low pressure.
  2. Daily posting: the rule for me was to post every single day. Accountability. A time frame. I had until midnight every night to finish this thing.
What next?

I don't have plans for another long-term project. I'm not going to repeat 100 Days of anything right now. I look forward to the break!

I do, however, want to keep some of this momentum going by just creating MORE and creating more ugly/bad/wonky stuff, just to get it out of my system. I feel like I'm still on my journey to find my artistic style and creative stride. 


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